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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  January 17, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EST

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fox 5 morning news at 7:00 starts right now. take a little fuzzy look from the tower cam this morning. it is monday morning, january 17th, 2011 and right around the freezing mark. 32 degrees at reagan national. thanks for being with us. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. i thought that was just because i'm tired on this mlk day. >> but a lot of people get to sleep in. a lot of people getting to sleep in. >> and we'll find out what the weather will be like. >> a cold and quiet today until tonight and then things get interesting. let's look at the satellite radar composite. and you with see we have plenty of clouds out there right now. a cloudy day today. don't expect much in the way of precipitation today although you might see a flurry or two here or there during the day.
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then tonight things get dicey with some frozen precipitation making it's way in here. current conditions around the region. take a look. right now at reagan national, 32 degrees. dulles is at 29. baltimore at 29. ocean city 31 degrees at this hour. your forecast for today looks like this, plenty of clouds around, a flurry here or there. high of 34 degrees tonight. we'll begin to see some precipitation move in in the form of snow, sleet, or freezing rain, causing icy conditions from washington north and west. i'll tell you more about that later. and now, steve, back to you. if you are riding the rails today, foggy bottom closed as crews try to finish the track work they started over the weekend. this will affect the blue and orange line. no service between the roslyn and farragut west stations. there will be free shuttle buses available but officials
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say add an extra 30-40 minutes to your time. again, that is foggy bottom station closed today. and let's get the latest on the roads from lauren demarco. >> and i should mention no marc or vre service because of the federal holidays. let's look at the beltway. traveling around montgomery on the outer loop from college park toward silver spring and bethesda, no problems to report for you. outer loop to the right of your screen across the american legion bridge into virginia, things look great. 95 in virginia, making that trip northbound through woodbridge, no problems heading toward the mixing bowl and springfield. here we are past fairfax county parkway. everybody running well. h.o.v. restrictions are lifted everywhere except for the john hanson highway. 66 at route 50 in virginia. no problems here. earlier we had a disabled vehicle but it is off to the
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side of the road and everybody is getting past it at the scene. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. we have a lot of events going on around town today, lined up in honor of the mlk, jr., holiday. >> his birthday was saturday and today people across the country and here in the district will continue to honor the legacy of the civil rights icon with a day of service. gurvir joins us again in studio with the details. >> reporter: a lot going on this morning. more than 2,000 volunteers from d.c., maryland and virginia will be hard at work today honoring the man who did so much to help change the direction of this country in terms of equal rights and unit. greater d.c. cares will honor dr. king by mobilizing corporate volunteers and 30 different service projects and others will assemble for a peace walk along the 2500 block of mlk, jr., avenue in southeast. maryland governor o'malley will
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be in attendance. dr. king was honored at churches over the weekend. steny hoyer told worshipers yesterday that dr. king's teachings are relevant today more than ever. >> martin luther king did not demonize those who opposed him. he prayed for them. and at the genius of peaceful, nonviolent protest was that it was an appeal to the best instincts of mankind, not to the instincts of confrontation and violence. >> and another thing to mention, the dr. king memorial is set to open on august 28th, the anniversary of the "i have a dream" speech. it is still $11 million short of the goal. you can donate by going to, there is a link to the memorial website. we'll talk about what else is being done in our area
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throughout the morning. >> thanks so much. >> you bet. >> and you can find the full list of events on our website under the local news tab on the home page of now to the tragedy in tucson where gabrielle giffords husband is calling on the nation to give hours of service today to honor the king. and now her condition has been upgraded from critical to serious. she can move both sides of her body and arms and legs. loughner may face trial in california not arizona because of extensive pretrial publicity in arizona. one of the tucson victims held up a picture of fuller and
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said you're dead. he was sent for a psychological evaluation. marianne rafferty now. >> if there is outrage over easy access to the guns, you wouldn't know it in tucson. hundreds at a gun show where this shooting took place this month. >> the people who are going to commit a crime or who are going to do something crazy aren't going to pay attention to the laws in the first place. >> reporter: charles schumer said rational gun laws are the way to go. >> but like all of the other rights, it's not absolute. first amendment, we have laws against pornography, you can't scream fire in a theater, there
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should be limits on gun laws that protect the individual's right to bare arms. >> reporter: ed rendel said a rational discussion on guns is needed. >> when we put aside the pressure from interest groups -- interest groups and say does any citizen protecting themself or their home or using a handgun to hunt, do they need a clip that has 33 bullets in it? and the answer of course no. >> reporter: governor rendel said the nation's spirits may be lifted if the assault weapons ban was reinstated. in new york, marianne rafferty, fox news. >> our coverage continues on for the latest developments look for links on the home page. the 112th congress will return to work tomorrow after taking a week off in the wake of the tragedy in tucson. but not back to business as usual as lawmakers respond to calls for civility. doug luzader now with the change in tone on capitol hill. >> reporter: we'll see how long
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this new attitude in congress lasts. especially when the debate turned to health care. president obama packed up the family for church yesterday just as republicans spent the weekend at a retreat in baltimore for some soul searching of their own. and topic one is the proposed repeal of the president's health care plan, something the house should vote on later this week. even if it doesn't go any further than that. >> we as republicans do not control this federal government, the orange part -- the orange party does. >> reporter: but in the wake of the tucson shooting there is a new push for a lower decibel debate and the idea of mixing the audience for this month's state of the union address is gathering steam. even these two political rivals, chuck schumer and tom coburn has agreed to sit together. >> we have disagreed on a whole lot of stuff but he's always been civil and a gentleman and that's an example people should follow. politicians and the media. >> what we can't question is
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our president's love for our country. chuck schumer's love for our country. and where we get in trouble is when we start looking at motives rather than differences of ideology. >> reporter: and there are still stark differences in ideology, both in congress and among the public as well. in fact a new a.p. poll shows the public is split on the idea of repealing the president's health care plan. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. >> we have much ahead on the 112th congress. we'll be joining by bob cusak after 7:30 to get his idea of what changes we might see. making headlines this morning, sergeant shriver has been hospitalled in bethesda. suburban hospital officials haven't said when the 95-year- old husband of the late eunice shriver is there.
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he announced he has alzheimers disease. he was the driving force behind the peace corp and served under john f. kennedy. and a stabbing yesterday in a court. officers pulled over a car that was leaving and all five men in the vehicle were stabbed. none of the injuries were nonlife-threatening and the men are not cooperating with investigators. it's 10 minutes after the hour now. it's 31 degrees as we take you to break. let's call it a wonderful surprise for a local high school. >> coming up on fox 5 morning news, we're going to take you to the surprise performance by a musical icon. >> wonderful. and the first big awards show of the season and can make or break oscar buzz. the big winners from the golden globes after the break. and the latest weather and
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traffic updates for you. we'll check in with tony and lauren. there is a look at the 395 and the 14th street bridge. not as much traffic as normal because of the federal holiday. 31 degrees right now at 10 minutes past the hour.  blue diamond almonds! more bold flavor! more variety! more value! more of what you want... not what you don't. blue diamond almonds. (play-by-play announcer) it's up and it is... good!
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a big night for the facebook inspired social network. you don't like that music? >> as much as you like mark zuckerberg. >> it took home four awards. including best director david fincher. the big night solidified the social network's oscar buzz. and i have nothing against you, mr. zuckerberg. and it was a big night for
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glee, fox's own. the show won best comedy series. chris cul per won best supporting actor and jane lynch, who gleeks know as sue sylvester, she won best supporting actress. and her acceptance speech was very, very funny. another big honor of the night bestowed upon bobby denero, or robert, he was given the demill award for achievement. he is a two-time oscar winner. and look how good he looks. al pachino, not so much. >> really? >> he's morphing into a -- he's like colombo. >> i would agree with you. >> al pachino is turning into columbia. >> and angelina had a tender moment and she fixed his bow tie. >> and they adopted three children during it.
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>> it was part of the contest. >> and look at the standing ovation for bobby. he's great. >> he is great. >> and it's a precursor to the oscars as you mentioned. >> and sometimes it's pretty close. >> yes. whoever wins golden globe ends up winning the oscars. >> and there was no date with halle berry. >> well she's single. >> she was sitting with like two older gentlemen. very interesting. while you were watching football. >> i didn't even know it was on. >> i found out after it was over. >> it was good. let's talk temperatures. it's a cool start to the day. yesterday we got up to 42 degrees which is actually our average high for the day. so we got there finally. won't do it today. we'll be a good 8 degrees lower than that. take a look at the current temperatures around the region. we were at 32, now we've dropped off to 31 degrees here in washington. you'll notice the colder air to the north, 27 in frederick, 24 in hagerstown, 28 in baltimore.
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the warmer air, quote, unquote, to the south, 33 in fredericksberg and 34 in culpeper. quantico is at 41. and pull out the picture, 3 degrees in binghamton. pittsburgh 13. and hatteras, 48 degrees at cape hatteras right now. and here is a look at the five- day forecast -- no, the satellite radar first. cloudy but quiet conditions right now. all of that will change this evening when viewers see precipitation likely in the form of snow and sleet changing over to freezing rain. off to the east, southern maryland, eastern shore, places like that, you'll get more rain than anything else. but from here to the north and west, we'll get i think a prolonged period of freezing rain tonight which is going to cause problems tomorrow morning for the drive into work. so i anticipate some delays and
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closings tomorrow morning. today 34 degrees for your high. precipitation begins late in the day. tomorrow messy, but the precipitation that falls should turn over to rain tomorrow. we could do it rly wednesday morning with problems and highs about 40. and maybe some snow on friday. so this is an active weather week. there you go. >> love you, not the freezing rain. >> yes, i understand. that's not fun. let's check in with lauren demarco and look at traffic. a lighter load than normal. >> it sounds like you want to give yourself extra time tomorrow morning but this morning, the light volume because of the federal holiday, should have a smooth trip in if you do have to head to work. in montgomery county, everything moving rather well now. here we are at 29 southbound past lockwood drive, reports of a disabled volume but not slowing anyone down toward the beltway. beltway at connecticut looks great. no problems in montgomery or prince george's county. so it was good in virginia as well.
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270 out of germantown, we did have a little bit of volume but everybody is moving. no delay. same story on 95 and 395, looking great across the 14th street bridge into the district. and keep in mind h.o.v. restrictions are lifted because of the holiday. we do have some activity on the far left lane but it is not slowing anybody down. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. one of the world's biggest music stars came to d.c. to help out students at a struggling school yesterday. >> stevie wonder paid a visit to ballou junior high and he brought with him another big surprise. karen gray houston was there. >> reporter: the crowd that trickled in thought this was the kickoff of yet another anti- violence crusade. the dmv peace authority, for the district, maryland and virginia. ron moten is a cofounder.
7:20 am
>> negative things happen when positive people do nothing. >> reporter: parents like teresa suton are on board. she knows violence all too well. her 18-year-old son alonte was shot to death last spring. >> there are a lot of kids out here that are trying to turn their lives around and get distracted by the violence that is going on on the street, the peer pressure. >> reporter: then midway through the breakfast a very pleasant surprise. stevie wonder. he who wrote the song that kicked the campaign for a national holiday for king's birthday into high gear. >> for those who believed not, they felt it would not happen. but i knew without question that it would happen because of what dr. martin luther king, jr., stood for. >> reporter: stevie doesn't shy away from politics or a good cause. his announcement stunned the audience. >> i will do everything that i can to raise $100,000 to give
7:21 am
to your commitment. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: it was awesome news to ballou's principal who acknowledged more than $65,000 in equipment had been stolen from the school in recent robberies. >> it's very good. we're very excited. our kids are going to here about this on tuesday morning. >> reporter: a ground-swell of good feelings swept over the crowd, including this awe- struck reporter who shamelessly asked stevie to sing the birthday song. >> i really can't. but you can sing it for me, go ahead. happy bi to you. happy birthday to you. >> reporter: karen gray houston, fox 5 news. >> how special. well for more from stevie wonder's ballou appearance, click on people people honoring dr. martin luther king by giving back today. >> we'll check in with holly
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who is in alexandria who will show us how to two school areas teams up to learn a lesson. 43 !@'?
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an early morning house fire in the district has forced several people to find a new place to live for a while. firefighters were called to the home of the 1400 block of g. street northeast around 3:30 this morning. they think a fire from a drier caused $300,000 in damage. sergeant zainah creamer died wednesday when insurgents bombed her unit. she was with the 212th military police. this was her third deployment, and the first working as a military dog handler. she was 28 years old. the tragedy in tucson has forced many people to rethink
7:26 am
the strong rhetoric coming from capitol hill. >> congress turns tomorrow but will things tone down? bob cusak, managing editor of the hill will join us in a few minutes. but first we'll check in with tony and lauren after the break. a nice shot of the monument this morning. that's a live picture. it's7:25. 
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7:28 right now as we take a look at traffic from our oxon hill camera this morning. wouldn't it be like that if it was that way every morning. >> and into -- and no precipitation. >> and tomorrow we'll look back at this and say where did we go wrong? >> there will be traffic out there and machines laying down stuff to melt ice and all of that kind of stuff. certainly a possibility. i want to raise the possibility of there being problems tomorrow morning because of the potential for an extended period of freezing rain overnight, the worst possible time. let's take a look at what is going on. we'll show you what to expect from the coming storm system. is it a big storm in terms of 6 inches of snow? no. but it is a mixed mess on the way for parts of the viewing area. off to the east and south and
7:30 am
east you're more likely to get por rain than anything else, but right around here north and west we'll have some problems. today just cloudy. maybe a flurry or two but for the most part just clouds today. temperatures remain in the low 0 -- 30s so we're 8-10 degrees below normal. the mixed precipitation could start tonight as a period of sleet and snow and then changing over to rain tomorrow. thursday the commute does -- tuesday the commute does look icy from the washington, d.c. area and the surrounding area north and west. off to the south and east, less ice and more rain. but around here it looks like an icy commute for tomorrow morning. let's take a look at the temperatures around the region. we'll start with that. we're at 31 degrees at this hour. generally speaking, you can see there is slightly warmer air
7:31 am
off to the south and east. it is 31 here. 33 in quantico. and the difference in temperatures from the north to the west, later on today and tonight that will be enough to make the change and cause the problems for us across the region. right now we have cloudy skies. we'll have a lot of clouds during the course of the day today. but quiet conditions. again, aside from a flurry or two popping up, i don't think there is even a great chance of that, but in case you see it, then off to the south, you get precipitation and makes it's way eastward and we get storminess moving into here and the mid-atlantic region and overnight into tomorrow as well. so the forecast for today, cloudy skies, a few flurries are possible. other than that, dry and high only 34 degrees. tonight the problems begin. we'll see precipitation. snow and sleet developing to become freezing rain and eventually rain overnight. in terms of accumulations, maybe about an inch or so of snow and sleet but then add about a 10th of an inch of ice on top of that and that will
7:32 am
cause the problems -- the icing is. and tomorrow freezing rain early. problems for the morning rush hour. periods of rain during the day. and then maybe enough left over precipitation that we do it again overnight tuesday and into wednesday. maybe start with some early rain or snow and maybe freezing rain again. note your overnight lows. thursday it's quiet and cold at 36, but friday 33 degrees for your high. and now let's get an update on traffic with lauren demarco. it sounds like you may want to head out early tomorrow. but today plenty of time for an extra cup of coffee. nice light traffic with the federal holiday. not seeing much traffic on the roadway. let's look at the beltway in prince george's county. everything wide open past 214. inner loop and outer loop running well. now as you head inbound into the district making the trip at route 50, no problems through cheverly.
7:33 am
here we are inbound new york avenue at bladensberg road, no delays. inbound key bridge, everything just wide open there out of roslyn so no issues for you. and 95 and 395 look very nice. no problems at the mixing bowl at springfield. and 395 across the 14th street bridge, we had some activity in the far left lane, a disabled vehicle there, but it is not causing any brake lights into the district. keep in mind, your h.o.v. restrictions are lifted because of the federal holiday everywhere except for route 50. and in d.c. your roads are carrying two-way traffic. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. steve, over to you. the 112th congress returned tomorrow and lawmakers are chomping at the bit to bring health care back to the floor. we'll talk about that with bob cusak, the managing director of the hill. and what do we expect here.
7:34 am
>> it's going to be a bipartisan vote. they'll get a handful of votes. republicans had a test vote. and then it becomes what happens then? it moves to the senate. and then house republicans say they'll come up with a bill to replace the obama health care law. >> and some say maybe the republican agenda is to undo everything that's been done in the last two years. is that going to be the case or some part of that? >> definitely. they don't want to fund the wall street reform bill. they're going to try to cut back spending. but they're also going to do some things i think they could get president obama on. trade issues and perhaps an energy and education. but there are things that they will fight hard. >> and cliff sterns, how much
7:35 am
clout does he have? >> he has significant clout. >> let's talk about the working environment in what may or may not have changed. everything that happened with congresswoman giffords and the feeling, or the sentiment that's come out, will this carry over into the activity on the hill? >> yeah. we're going to have a partisan debate on the house floor but it will be toned down and we won't see the job killing criticism of the health care law. but that's what democracy is about. but it will be less heated than it would have been. >> and what priorities do you see for the republican congress? what else is on the list besides health care? >> it's budget, budget. cutting back spending levels to 2008 and those are significant cuts. we have a continuing resolution that basically funds the government until early march. that will be a big issue. and then they have to raise the debt ceiling. house republicans, some of them don't want to do that, but house republican leaders say we have to do that and we have to
7:36 am
raise the debt ceiling. but we need to use that leverage with the white house to get maybe a balanced budget amendment, maybe to get significant other cuts in the federal budget. otherwise they'll go to the white house and say we won't raise it. so it's a leverage game but the budget is the next thing on the list. >> and how does that play out with relationships with the senate as well? >> i that will be contentious with chuck schumer, harry reid versus john boehner. the ideas clash is going to be significant and i don't see much agreement between the senate and house republicans. >> you mentioned chuck schumer and he is one of the lawmakers that said he would not oppose sitting next to each other during the state of the union. what do you think about that? >> this is something remarkable. this is something i haven't seen. and you'll have republicans and democrats intermixed and liberals sitting next to conservatives and i think that's quite a gesture and quite a remarkable event. >> it would be a strong show of
7:37 am
support visually and the talk about it, might that carry over or do you think the day after that we're back to business as usual on the hill? >> i think at some point we go back to business. probably not the day after but maybe in the week as head, especially when we -- as we go on -- remember some presidential candidates are going to be declaring over the next couple months so the 2012 election is not that far off. >> we're going to dive right back in tomorrow. >> absolutely. >> john cusak, thank you for joining us. you can follow us online for the latest headlines on the politics tab on our website at and check out bob on the it is now 7:37 and 31 degrees on a monday morning. coming up on fox 5 morning news, a story buzzing for days now. according to astronomers with the minnesota planetarium society, the moon's gravitational pull is changing zodiac sign dates so do you
7:38 am
have to change your sign. we'll talk with an astrologer in the next hour. but the nfl playoff got clipy. we'll talk about the big games after the break. we'll be right back. 
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7:41 right now. the capitals broke' three game losing streak by scoring all three goals in the third quarter. they bet the senators yesterday 3-1 and they puts them in the first place tie with tampa in the southeast division. and that may have been over shadowed over the playoffs leading up to the conference championships. they are now set. >> and a number six seed taking on a number two seed and was there action? >> there was a lot of action. and its stat you just read i think is startling. the 6th seed. this is happening year after year and here we go again with the 6th seed rising up and
7:42 am
beating the number ones and we have anarchy. >> and hopefully a good game in the end. which i fear we might not. but you go ahead and do your thing. >> we're going to have two dozies. and we'll start with the jets going up to new england and led 14-3 at the half and the second half there is tom brady, and crumplier went for two and they got it. so the patriots are going to come back and win, right? wrong. look at sanchez and holmes, does he get the feet down but the knee is down. that's a catch and that's a touchdown. and there is a back foot for braylan edwards right there. the jets move on to the title game by winning in new england 28-21. who will they play? well people around here know very well who they will play and it's not the ravens. this was saturday night, the terrible towels out in pittsburgh. but it looks good for baltimore
7:43 am
for a long time. joe flacco to todd heap, 21-7 baltimore at the half. you have to hold on to that one. but they didn't. ben roethlisberger bringing them back and the boys in black and gold, yes, tied it up right there. hines ward, 21 all. and then mendenhall breaks the hearts of ravens fans everywhere. the steelers move on to host the new york jets next week in the afc title game. we talked about it earlier, the 6 seeded jets taking on the steelers. you think the steelers should have the home field advantage. it has not worked out so far in the nfl playoffs. how about on the nfc side? we're seeing it again. upsets all around. but not yesterday in chicago. jay cutler ran for two scores yesterday in the snow in chicago. and they hammered seattle. they got a couple of cosmetic touchdowns late to make it look
7:44 am
closer than it was. cutler is known for going up top and easy touchdown, 35 points for the bears in the 11 point win over seattle. again, next week it should get tougher because here comes the 6th seeded green bay packers. all they did on saturday night, go into the belly of the beast in atlanta. the number one seed. and there is aaron rodgers up the top, james jones pulling it down. and 7 point game. under a minute to go in the first half. so atlanta don't make a mistake. and ryan made some big ones and williams is gone the other way. that was the dagger in the heart of the falcon this is day. they would not recover. green bay just put up 48 points on the road against the one seed, not supposed to happen. so once again, let's take a look at the match-up come sunday right here on fox 5. it is the 6th seeded packers
7:45 am
against the bears. i think the packers -- more people might believe they are the favorite in that game. they are the hottest team right now in the playoffs. i think it should be a great game. it's not your father's packers and bears. this is not a running game. they'll probably throw the ball 70 times combined and wing it all over the field. it should be exciting. let's get some snow in pittsburgh and chicago and sit back and watch it on tv. >> that green bay game so unexciting, dave ross switched to miss america and enjoyed that. >> i must admit. i'm like what is going on around the rest of the world. hey, there is miss america. >> when you have vent rilo quists, how can you not watch. >> it was the competition between mrs. wisconsin and georgia. >> that game got old after a while. >> it was ugly. >> so if the bad teams both make it to the superbowl, is
7:46 am
that a good game. >> it's not a bad game. >> tony was mentioning it. do you think the jets would beat the patriots? >> i did not. i thought the patriots would pull it out, like most people. but the jets are on fire. >> the bad teams have gotten better. >> so if the team nobody thought was going to win, they'll go all of the way. >> originallily i was going with patriots but now i'm going with steelers. >> you could have helped us with this. let's take a look at what is going on as far as our temperatures go. it's a cold start to the day. 31 degrees in the nation's capital. 29 at dulles. baltimore is at 28 degrees. frederick, maryland, 27. and at patuxent naval air
7:47 am
station it is 30 degrees. and these temperatures are going to hold fairly steady for a good part of the day today. here is a look at future cast. this is a projection of what we expect to see during the course of the next several hours. a couple of days really. by tonight, check it out, that is a mixed bag of precipitation right across the washington area. about 9:00 tonight some snow, some sleet and then beginning some freezing rain as well. note off to the south and east, southern maryland, southeast virginia, it's rain for you. but here along 95 up towards baltimore, it's a mixed bag. it's ugly and it is still going on as late as 4:00 tomorrow morning. that could be a significant accumulation of ice. by significant we mean a 10th of an inch or more. that's enough to cause slick spots on the roads and problems. now this particular image has it still going on at 9:00 tomorrow morning. let's hope that's not the case but it could be. so tomorrow morning i think very difficult. tomorrow during the day, what
7:48 am
precipitation there is turns over to rain. so here is your forecast. 34 degrees for your day. today is quiet and tonight and tomorrow are the problems. i anticipate some school delays and closings as well, north and west of the city. 40 degrees for the high during the day tomorrow. wednesday morning could be trouble some again. 40 for the high on wednesday. and then there are your forecasts for the rest of the week. there you go. that's the latest on the weather. and our facebook fan of the day, we would like to say good morning to jazzin ortiz. she said no one wants to be the fan of the day more than she does. to be tomorrow's fan of the day find us on facebook by searching fox 5 morning news and remember no space between fox and 5 and post a comment under her photo. groups are participating in service projects all over the area today and holly is with one such group in alexandria. holly, good morning.
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>> good morning to you guys. we're live this morning at burgundy farm country day school where this won't be a quiet school today with a day off. you're exactly right. it's a day on. they are having a mlk day of service. coming up we'll talk about the service projects they are working on here today and perhaps more importantly the lessons they are hoping their students will learn by giving back. it's all live next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. unless you're talking about covering freshly baked bread with layer upon layer of flavor-packed pastrami. this sub lays down power cords of tasteocity with pickles, mean licks of mustard and riffs of melty, bubbly cheese. catch 'em before the fresh toasted tour leaves town. subway big hot pastrami. crank up the flavor at subway.
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it's 7:52 right now. today marks the 25th anniversary of the mlk, jr., holiday. >> holly is in alexandria where students are doing a day of service to recognize the special day. >> reporter: good morning, a day on and not a day off and that's the motto here. in a couple of hours it will be
7:53 am
bustling with activity. some 300 students today are registered to come in here and give their day back. and jeff joins me. >> good morning. >> reporter: so there are a lot of schools out there today that are quiet in the halls. but you decided to do it differently. >> we think of the day of not to be sleeping in but as a day to be citizens and be involved in our community and do something exciting and good. and we're just excited to be partnering with great agencies here in alexandria and to reach out to our community. >> reporter: and is this the first year you've done it? >> this is the second event. we werein expired by the president's call to arms a couple of years ago to make this a day on. >> reporter: so you weren't one and done. so it must have been successful last year. and now you're making it even better this year. >> that's right. we're going to try to make it even better. hopefully not too much bigger. but a wonderful day, 22 projects for kids to be involved with, from elementary age up to middle school. >> so it's quiet right now and
7:54 am
they are getting their tables set here where people will come in and register. but you heard jeff say it's not just burgundy farm day country school. kimberly grace doeses with the jefferson houston school, another school bringing kids over this morning. and for you, the lesson is the same, kids need to give back? >> absolutely. this is a wonderful opportunity for our students to take time to give back to the community to show it's more about not just having a day off from school but it's really about honoring the legacy of martin luther king. >> reporter: and i'm thinking that you all prepare the kids, how do you prepare them for this day so that they that this isn't just an assignment per se. >> we talk about the part of community service and giving back. and it's not just today that we honor martin luther king but every day in talking about the need to give back to the community because that is where they come from. >> reporter: and tell me how the day will work? >> we'll have kids and families
7:55 am
coming in from 9:30 then and at 10:00 we'll have the mayor and robert stanton, formerly the director of the national parks, first african-american to hold that post and by 11:30 we'll be spread out over this 25-acre campus on 22 different projects serving from hopkins house to carpenter's shelter and projects that have to do with writing letters to soldiers, bags for the homeless, bags for new mothers, supplies that new mothers need. >> reporter: you know what struck me was that it wasn't even just about giving back locally to your community, which you want to do. but your servicing agencies that are here locally, but also more global initiatives like writing to the soldiers. >> great way to show kids it's more than just about where they live but a global effort to give back and making certain that everyone benefits from the service that you provide. >> reporter: so you could make a difference in your own community and also make a
7:56 am
difference here or where ever the need is. >> i think as school leaders we try to talk about equality and being a citizen and not just a good citizen of our own community but a citizen of a broader community and that's why it's exciting to partner with an alexandria public school and an independent school together to live out the values that we preach every day. >> reporter: if i ask the kids to tell me about dr. king, what do you think they would say? >> he was a great man. >> reporter: okay, i'm going to ask them. that's pretty short and sweet and that says it all. that's what this day is about, honoring the great man and service he gave for so long and why so many are choosing today to give back. is our website. we have a link to the mlk day of service website that the government puts together because hopefully maybe we're inspiring you. it's still early if the day. have you time to give back and look for projects going on in your area. and you heard them say it's not just about the schools. there are volunteer organizations making this happen. we'll talk to them as well.
7:57 am
>> thank you, holly. it is a story still getting a lot of buzz. over the weekend, a change in astro logical signs. >> coming up, we'll look at both sides of this debate. and then pope john paul ii on the road to becoming a saint. what is next, when we come back. 
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
today is martin luther king, jr., day. the 25th year it's been celebrated as a national holiday. we'll look at the impact this day has had on race relations in the united states. then the stars were out in hollywood last night for the golden globe awards. a look at who won what ahead this hour. then get ready for nasty weather. tonight we'll see snow, sleet and even freezing rain. so enjoy the day before we get to it tonight. good morning, i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. and the icy forecast is enough for us to make the decision, we're going on at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. tucker likes that. so you can get the first word
8:01 am
on school delays and closings and road conditions. we'll have all of the information you need to know beginning at 4:00 a.m. now let's get through today as we like to say, tony. i know you're still keeping an eye on what will happen later tonight. as far as today, any problems? >> let me say this, if what we're forecasting does not happen tonight, tucker and i will be in tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. >> okay. well that's fair. >> we can take care of it when you are not here. >> that's true too. today we are fine. today a quiet day, maybe a flurry or two. i doubt even that will happen. but i want to mention it because there is a slight possibility. tonight is when the problems start. let's look at the satellite radar composite. we'll show you we have cloudy skys across the region. the clouds aren't producing anything nor do i expect them to. and there is a slight chance, by that i mean a 10-20 chance of an occasional flurry during the day today. but the real precipitation holds off until this evening when it starts to move into the south and starts as rain to the
8:02 am
south and east and then it encounters the colder temperatures and will likely turn into. ♪ -- sneet, snow, sleet and freezing rain. right now 27 at gaithersburg and in frederick, maryland. winchester is at 37. and quantico is 31 and salisbury is 30 degrees at this hour. your day planner for today, a lot of clouds around. by this evening we begin to see precipitation but i think the icy stuff is during the nighttime and overnight hours. that's when we'll have the icing conditions from washington to points north and west. off to the south and east you're more likely to see more rain than anything else. high today about 34 degrees. that's the latest. >> tony, thank you. let's check in with lauren demarco to look at the traffic. good morning. >> good morning. it sounds like you'll need extra time tomorrow with ice on the roads. but right now all is quiet. so if you need to head to work
8:03 am
today, it should be light volume on the roadways. let's take a live look at the beltway, making the way through montgomery county. no problems on the outer loop from college park into bethesda. here we are past river road, left of your screen. the outer loop continuing toward the american legion bridge. no delays to report. 95 and 395 in virginia also look great. making the trip northbound from the beltway past edsall road toward the 14th street bridge, 395 wide open. same story on 95 headed up from fredericksberg past 123 across the occuquan to the mixing bowl, nothing in your way. h.o.v. lanes running northbound and the restrictions are lifted because of the holiday. no problems to report on 66 or 270. route 50, the john hab -- hanson highway, the h.o.v. restrictions are in effect today. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. and we do have one more commute ear letter for--
8:04 am
commuter alert. the foggy bottom metro station is closed to complete track work. free shuttle service is available. track work means delays between friendship heights and van ness. so be aware of that on the rail this is morning. the president and first lady will mark martin luther king, jr., day with a community service at a yet to be named location somewhere in the nation's capital. >> last year they served hot meals to the needy. >> you can help with greater d.c. cares. they are mobilizing community and corporate volunteers in 30 service projects across the area. other ways to honor the civil rights leader, a peace walk along the 2500 block of martin luther king, jr., avenue in southeast and then tonight at the kennedy center patty la bell takes part in a concert.
8:05 am
tickets given away at 4:00. more information about all of these events are online at a day of service and remembrance. but why does it seem martin luther king day meaning might be changing. brenda flanagan investigates. >> reporter: it's been 25 years since the third monday in january was established as a national holiday commemorating the birthday of reverend dr. martin luther king, jr., and it's celebrated in many ways. [ singing ] ♪ we shall overcome some day. >> reporter: but for those who studied dr. king like rutger's professor alexandria price, he said it's a chance for all americans to learn what dr. king was all about. >> the king holiday and the legacy of dr. king in the civil rights movement gives us an opportunity to refresh our
8:06 am
imagination on what race is and what it is not and what it has never been. >> reporter: and said professor price, the holiday itself has turned into an interracial event. >> i'm participating in a king holiday program at a jewish synogogue. two years ago i gave a king sermon at a fluent overwhelmingly white church. >> reporter: but the greatest is how it's effected race relations. >> i think because of this holiday we americans are beginning to pry open a discussion on race. >> reporter: and a new rasmussen reports poll shows that 33% of americans say race relations today are excellent or good but 64% rate them fair or poor and 38% say race relations are getting better.
8:07 am
29% say they are getting worse. but pollster scott rasmussen said the poll itself shows a racial divide. >> 25% of african-americans say that race relations are poor in america. only 12% of white voters say the same. so there is a much higher level of concern in the african- american community than there is anywhere else. >> reporter: so does the martin luther king king help improve racial tolerance. 32% of americans say it does. 43% say it does not. >> it's sad that as we celebrate the legacy of the civil rights pieon here has become one of the most segregated moments in our calendar. >> this was a simple plan. >> reporter: stanley nelson produced a documentary about the freedom writers during the years of the civil rights movement. he said the holiday makes us remember the past. >> young people don't know anything about segregation. but it's important that we
8:08 am
remember that it wasn't that long ago and how the country was then. so we don't go back. >> reporter: brenda flanagan, fox news. let's take a look at our other top story this is morning. an early morning fire in the district. a house fire. firefighters were called to a home in the 1400 block of g. street in northeast around 3:30 this morning, arriving to find a fire in the basement. they believe it was sparked by a drier that malfunctioned. all four adults and one child made it out safely. the red cross is helping t the home sustained $50,000 in damage. an army sergeant based out of ft. belvoir was killed in afghanistan over the weekend. sergeant zainah creamer died when her unit was bombed. she was assigned to the police detachment. this was her third deployment but first as a dog handler. her dog was not hurt. sergeant creamer was 28 years
8:09 am
old. sergeant shriver has been hospitalized. they haven't said when the husband of the late eunice kennedy was there. he was the driving force behind the peace corp and served as the first leader of it for president john f. kennedy. time now is 9 minutes past the hour. and up next new information about the tragedy in tucson. and why one survivor was arrested over the weekend. and a change in the astrological signs. we'll look at both sides of this debate when fox 5 morning news returns. 
8:10 am
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8:12 now. let's look at stories making headlines this morning. congresswoman green bay has been -- fords updated, she is said to be moving both sides of her body and breathing on her own. the trial for afused gunman jared loughner may be
8:13 am
relocated to california. federal officials are looking to move it from tucson to san diego. they say there is sensitivity and publicity surrounding the case in arizona. six people were killed in the shooting, loughner has been charminged with two deaths. one of the shooting victims has been arrested for a death threat. police say james eric fuller held up a picture of trent humphries and yelled, you're dead. fuller was upset when humphries made suggestions about gun control. he is now having a psychiatric evaluation. and temperatures right around the freezing mark but we could still use a warm-up. >> yes. tony is here with that and more. >> we have that for you right now, in the form of the my first 5 photo of the day. let's take a look. this is siniah. she had a big party yesterday for her birthday. it was a mini mouse themed
8:14 am
party, celebrating her 2nd birthday. >> how gorgeous. >> happy birthday. >> she is a cutie. happy birthday to you. i hope you enjoyed your birthday and got everything that you wanted and we love the mini mouse ears. they are cute. thank you for sending that in. to send us your child's picture go to and click on mornings. let's take a look at what is going on out there. we can show you we have plenty of clouds. this is not what we're supposed to see. >> yes. >> is it? >> yes. >> i thought we were looking at view? here is a look at radar image. too many systems here. here is a look at the radar image and you can see we have some precipitation down to our south. eventually some of the precip will makes it way here. when it does, it will bring rain to southeastern portions of our viewing area and likely a wintry mix to the rest of the area. we'll likely see some snow,
8:15 am
sleet and freezing rain, including a considerable amount of frozen precipitation overnight leading to icing conditions for tomorrow morning for much of the viewing area. what is next? let's see what the next element is because my list is wrong. let's go to the next graphic and we can show you across the area we have temperatures in the 30s and 20s. 31 degrees. it's all going wrong, folks. 28 in baltimore. 29 at dulles airport. fed rick, maryland, 26. fredericksberg is at 33 degrees. today is quiet. high about 34. a lot of clouds. tonight precipitation begins. south and east of the city you're likely to see mostly rain. from washington to points north and west, a mix of sleet and snow and freezing rain becoming freezing rain overnight. could have a 10th of an inch or more of ice from this system and maybe even an inch of snow and sleet before it changes over to rain tomorrow during
8:16 am
the day. that means icy conditions overnight and treacherous driving overnight and problems for the morning rush hour tomorrow. that's a look at the weather. now for an update on traffic we go to lauren demarco. to problems for the morning rush hour today. we do have one accident reported northbound 23rd street at constitution avenue in northwest. left lane blocked with light volume. no big deal. just stay to the right. things look great out there on our main highways. here we are across the wilson bridge, both loops of the beltway wide open and no problems around town, maryland or virginia. you are running well. elsewhere, to the west side of town, as you head in, no problems reporting on 270. here at 370, nice, light volume toward the 66. no problems out of manassas and past route 50, fair oaks, past nutley street toward the beltway, everything running at speed. keep in mind, no marc or vre service today and metro's foggy
8:17 am
bottom station is closed due to maintenance. shuttle buses are set up there. and steve, over to you for the segment i've been waiting for all morning long. we talked about this on friday. still getting buzz online throughout the weekend so we'll try to put the rumor to west a. cording to astronomers the moon's gravitational pull on earth caused the alignment of the stars to be pushed by a month and that would change zodiac sign dates. we're joined by lynn joiner to talk about this. let's try to set the -- record straight because i think people said will my sign change and is there correction to this? >> there is the procession of the equinox and it does influence a type of astrology based on this perception and it moves back about 1 degrees or
8:18 am
one day every 72 years. so this is correct but it's not what western astrologers do. it's used in india, but many western astrologers use it as well. so there are millions of astrologers who use this system that this astronomer was talking about. he's up in minnesota and he's snowed in and thinks he's reinvented the wheel. >> and you said this is not the first time it has come up. >> it comes up every 14 years. but i hope it brings up a discussion or a dialogue. the astrology in the newspaper are based on tropics. the tropic of capricorn and cancer, and it's the oldest because of the stonehenge and those others are based on the
8:19 am
seasons used for planting and harvesting and this is based on the first day of spring. it's called the vernal equinox and it adjusts because every 72 years that moves back 1 degree or one day. so it was about 1800 years ago that zero aries line youd up with the constellations but there are no new signs. these are constellations or clusters of stars. we use signs sand the signs always start with aries at the first degree of spring and divided every 30 degrees into 12 segments. so i say unless there are more than 360 degrees to a circle, there can't be more signs. >> well who knows if somebody wants to know that but for now that's the case. and let's set some other things straight. and for what you are saying and if you look up your sign in the newspaper or we do it, that's what we typically follow here
8:20 am
in the western world, that will not change. >> no. that's the tropical zodiac. >> and that's good. because for those of us who look up our sign, for me, as a cancer, i don't think i could be a gemini. but might it change? or are we locked into that because of what you just explained? >> it was discussed by claudeyous tolome and he said the signs always begin at the spring equinox. >> there was a 1st sign that was talked about. >> it's not a sign. it's a constellation. it's a cluster of stars. and we have always known about the cluster of stars. they've always been up there and there is nothing new. i presume this astronomer is feeling it is getting closer to the ellipse, the sun's apparent pass that it will have some influence but we don't use
8:21 am
these constellations. there was only one period of time 1800 years ago before they lined up and since then they haven't lined up. >> unfortunately we're out of time. but the one other statement floating out there online is even if it was a change, it would effect today born in 2009 or later. is there any change in that? >> no. the astronomers know about it, aft rogers -- astrologers just found out about it. >> there you go, allison, you don't have to worry about changes in the near future. >> i am still a proud aries. that's the best news ever. it is 8:21 now. the other kind of stars were out in hollywood last night for the golden globes. we'll look at that when we courtroom back. and president obama is
8:22 am
asking all americans to volunteer their time. we'll go out live to one of the largest service events happening in our area. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] why settle for plain bread
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8:25 am
awards favorite after winning top honors at the golden globes. >> it took home best drama and director. and ashley forkin has our wrap up. >> and the golden globe goes to -- >> we've spent our entire lives waiting for a night like this. >> reporter: facebook was all smiles. continuing it's infectious ride to an award of gold as the social network won the best picture. natalie portman is the woman to beat, winning best actress for a dramatically twisted performance in the black swan. >> and the golden globe goes to -- colin firth. >> reporter: and wearing the
8:26 am
best acting frown, colin firth took home the trophy for his lead role in the king's speech. >> the swoon factor hasn't been very big after this one. i've got this so i'm fine. >> reporter: feeling very all right, the kids are all right winning best comedy or musical. >> and the golden globe goes to glee [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: glee was top in tv class picking up best comedy and a win for jane lynch and chris colfer, doubling up in the supporting acting categories. >> it's insane. i hate to say that i'm a cinder fella, but i feel like it tonight. >> reporter: katey sagal had an awart for sons of anarchy. >> and christian bale in the fighter. >> reporter: christian bale scored a knockout for the fighter. annette bening was just fine in
8:27 am
the kids are all right. and melissa leo was smacked in the face with a best actress win for the fighter. robert diniro got the crowd to its feet being honored for the cecil b. dem ill award. >> and many of you know him best from the betty ford clinic and the los angeles county jail. >> reporter: and while ricky gervais had a strong undertone, robert downey, jr., called it like it is. >> i think the vibe of the show is pretty good so far. >> reporter: ashley fork-in, fox news. pope john paul ii on the road to becoming a saint. what is next? we'll find out when we come back. and getting ready for some nasty weather. >> not today. >> but the weather guys are
8:28 am
keeping their eyes on snow and sleet and freezing rain. tucker is back to look at all of that. stay with us. i had no choice. that 3-day gave me that opportunity. and i can actually do something to help. 60 miles in 3 days-- i can do that. we can rid the world of this terrible disease... so that no mother... granddaughter... sister... daughter... mother... go through what my wife had to go through. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime.
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it's now 8:30. we have good news for those of you traveling between loudoun and montgomery county. >> whites ferry back open. it had been shut down last monday because of ice on the river but it is back open. we do have some slick stuff to talk about in the weather department. a forecast of snow, sleet and freezing rain enough to decide to go on tomorrow morning early so we'll be on the air at 4:00 tomorrow morning so you can get the word on weather and road closings. so all of the information you need tomorrow beginning at 4:00 a.m. tucker, please don't make me put this in the form of a weather guy's question. we talked about this this morning, i can't remember the difference between sleet and freezing rain is what, or are they interchangeable? >> freezing rain freezes when it hits the temperature of the
8:32 am
earth. and sleet hits a pocket of cold air and changes before hitting the surface. >> so freezing rain becomes ice? >> and we'll have both? >> we'll have a potpourri tomorrow. we'll get snow, sleet, freezing rain and hopefully it will transition to all rain but it's touch and go around here as we get into the cold season and get the cold wedge of air and it's very slow to budge. definitely the potential to be dangerous and a slow transition overnight so we'll have touch and go tomorrow morning. let's get to it and i have a lot to show you and only a minute to talk. 32 degrees. humidity is 39%. winds out of the east at 9 miles per hour. and again high pressure off to the north. that's why pressure is 30.13 inches and locking the cold air in place. forecast for today, just kind of cloudy and cold out there. the main event holds off until
8:33 am
the nighttime hours. you can see the first radar echoes breaking out into western portions of north carolina. actually it's a very complicated weather pattern because we have upper level energy to the west and the actual storm developing is south across florida. it will do one of these right up the coast. and it will throw moisture back towards the washington area. and with it, some warmer air. so that's why we think we'll warm up as we get into the overnight hours and during the morning hours tomorrow, but it's going to be a slow transition. best chance for a mainly rain event south and east of the city, across lower southern maryland and across the bay here, salisbury, ocean city, mostly just rain for you. here in the washington area, here is your timing. things break out in the form of snow and sleet by about 9:00 tonight. we could see light accumulation out there and then it will transition over to sleet and then freezing rain and so the thinking is that after light accumulations of snow and sleet we could have a prolonged period around here during the overnight hours from freezing rain. worst to the north and west of washington, north and west of
8:34 am
95 and then we're hoping that temperatures will warm up enough tomorrow morning that we get it out of here. but it is possible some of the valleys out here and some of the communities out to the west, temperatures won't get above 32 and it will be an all- freezing event for you. so we have to watch this care friday over the next 24-36 hours. just a couple of flurries in the afternoon and generally just cloudy but overnight becoming freezing rain and hopefully rain as temperatures should start to warm up as the storm system passes by to the east. temperature tomorrow afternoon about 40 so we'll melt off the ice could. be another round of rain or snow tuesday night and into wednesday and then one day of sunshine before it returns again by the end of the week. so this is what we call an active weather pattern, allison. over to you. >> cross your fingers or say a little prior.
8:35 am
pope john paul was mourned after his death. many are thinking about elevating the former pontiff to sainthood. it is a complicated process and joining us to tell us what goes into the process is father carter griffin are the archdiocese and was in rome back in 2003. i would like to start for the feeling in the catholic community of the possibility that this beloved pope might be raised to a saint. >> well i think people are thrilled about it of course. john paul is one of the great beloved people of our time, even among noncatholics but certainly among catholics there is a a tremendous love for him and what he stood for. the example of his life and writings and above all, as you know, the process of bee atfication which means he would be declared a saint would mean we would be authorized by the
8:36 am
church to pray to him publicly and to ask for his intercession before god. and so there is a special meaning in that as well. >> why does that stand now? can people sty pray to him before that process or are there strict rules with that and must catholics wait? >> for private devotion, whoever we may believe may be in heaven to pray to them. and certainly we don't mean a door. we're asking just as i can ask you to pray for me or you ask me to pray for you. we ask the saints to pray for us who stand before the thrown of god. what beatfication does is make it a public event so as a church and parish community we can pray for the intercession of blessed john paul ii one day. >> how does this cannonnization process begin and who has to make the suggestion? where does it start? >> normally when somebody dies and there is sort of the
8:37 am
understanding that they may have been a saint, the diocese in which they died, in this case rome, would begin a process -- and normally they would have to wait five years to begin the process. in this case pope benedict the xvi waved the five year rule very early on and they start looking through his life and get testimony from witnesses, from friends, people who knew him, read his writings and study what he said and they determine whether he lived the christian virtues in a heroic way. and once that's determined they start to look for a miracle. a miracle would mean and -- and studied by doctors, typically medical miracles and that would mean this person is in heaven. and sometimes it takes hundreds of years and in this case, as was in the case of blessed
8:38 am
mother teresa, but the teresa of calcutta, but it's been abbreviated. >> are they the last two examples of a fast-track, if you will. >> i think they would be the more notable samples. i don't know any that were faster, certainly not in recent times. >> as far as vetting for the miracles and i know there was one miracle that has been looked at, a woman cured of parkinson's, is there a number for us noncatholics to understand? >> they take in a huge number of proposed miracles and then they study them and with a team of doctors and scientists and for that to be determined as a miracle it would have to be something instant, in the case of a disease it would be cured instantly as it was in the case of the french nun who woke up and the parkinson's was gone. it has to be lasting and completely inexplicable to
8:39 am
science. so once the team of doctors and scientists determine that then one miracle is significant for be atfication and the second would be needed for cannonnization and that's when we would call him saint john paul ii. >> farther carter griffin with the archdiocese of washington. thank you for being here. >> thank you. 8:39 on this monday morning. starbucks will soon start offering an even bigger cup of coffee. how big? we'll talk about it when we come back. for just $99.99 a month for a year. call now and we'll include a multi-room dvr free for 12 months. record shows in one room and watch them in up to six other rooms. there's no term contract required. you can cancel anytime with no early termination fee. fios is a 100% fiber-optic network that delivers the best channel lineup,
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almost -- than the venty cup. it will cost 50 corrects more 50 -- 50 cents more. >> and it would be two and a half cans. >> why do we need that much? >> i don't know. tucker will come in this morning with the big gulp of star bucks. and today hundreds take the streets of washington, d.c. to honor the legacy of dr. martin luther king. >> and we are live with a preview next. holly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. these kids are not sleeping in on their day off. it's almost 8:45 and they are up and adam and at school and they are making lunches for the homeless. it's just one of many service projects that are going on today at burgundy farm day school in alexandria where we are live. and coming up we'll talk about this mlk day of service and how young people might inspire you to give back too.
8:44 am
it's all live next. stay with us. 
8:45 am
8:46 am
organizers are hoping for
8:47 am
at least a thousand people to participate in a peace march to commemorate the life of dr. martin luther king. >> it's a two-mile walk from martin luther king avenue southeast to covenant baptist church in southwest. and gurvir joins us live with one of the march organizers. gurvir? >> reporter: allison, good morning to you. it's cold out here but it doesn't matter because this is the 5th year they are doing this peace walk. they will walk the two miles, the ballou high school marching band performing. so a lot going on. denise barnes is the organizer. you've organized this event for the last five years. >> exactly. >> reporter: and last year you had about 1,000 people turn out and this year you are expecting about the same. >> we have no idea but we are expecting -- as my dad would say -- dr. rolly galaty and dotty.
8:48 am
everybody is calling and saying they want to participate and vet -- get involved. and we call it our fifth and final peace walk because next year we'll bring back the martin luther king day parade. so this is the avenue and this is the place and we're looking forward to it. >> reporter: you mentioned the parade because it was canceled some years ago and this walk took its play to fill that gap. >> exactly. >> reporter: what is the message you want to send with this walk and why is it so important to either have a parade or a walk on this particular day? >> the city has had a lot of issues with violence over the years and many of the organizations that have been with us are folks trying to organize communities across the city to bring peace back into the community and they understand the relationship to dr. king and the nonviolence message ands so that's why it started to three of us and has grown to over 3,000 and who agree that we want peace in the nation and the world.
8:49 am
and in recognition and honor of dr. king. and on this avenue, one of the first in the nation named in his honor and one of the first parades, we want to keep that legacy going. >> reporter: i'm beginning to see peoyou have the youngsters it's especially important for the young people to understand that violence is not the answer. especially in southeast where that is a huge issue. >> right. well we're seeing a light, we think, at the end of the tunnel. and we feel like this little light of mine will shine. and so we're marching for peace today and it sends a signal to the community. and you walk up martin luther king, you see a lot of development, everything is coming to ward 8 and this is not just a ward 8 event but there are a lot of lights
8:50 am
shining over here right now. >> reporter: denise barnes, thank you very much. appreciate it. stay warm. again the peace walk will kick off at 10:00 this morning. folks are starting to gather already. we'll have more on what takes place here and the other events taking place to honor dr. king's legacy throughout the morning. i'll see you back here at 9:00. a lot of folks using the day today to honor the legacy of dr. king and doing it through service. >> holly morris is with students today who are doing just that at burgundy farms country day school. holly. >> reporter: 22 service projects is what they have going on here today. some 300 kids that decided to give back of their time to help those in need. and this is the second year they've done this here. and while the school is the location there are people that make this day of service happen and two very important. this is donna walker, she's with volunteer alexandria and
8:51 am
holly sloan with women's giving center. and tell me about your organizations and how you got involved with this particular day of service? >> i'm a volunteer in alexandria and as one of several volunteer agencies that helps adults and young people give back to their community and particularly the city of alexandria. we're happy to have the city of alexandria school children here. >> reporter: and to cultivate givers. hopefully they'll make giving back a part of what they do. >> as a parent there is nothing more important than your kids to instill early on that that desire to want to help others and be a part of the community. so as the giving circle, we're here because we're all about bringing people together and making things happen and this is a great arena to do that. the kids are just having a great time together and they may be young, but they know what they are doing. >> reporter: and that is my
8:52 am
question. do they understand? tell me about this particular project that they are going to be a part of today? >> oh, they'll be putting together new baby diaper kits and picture frames for new moms for about 3 or 4 different agencies in alexandria that provide services to new moms. they're going to do planter boxes for hopkins house for the preschool to bring the outside inside. they are doing books on tape. >> reporter: from right to read. >> yes. and there are so many it's hard to remember. >> reporter: and it's fun to do more than one project in a given day. do you find this day on, or not a di off, or even the president's call for service has made a difference in getting volunteers to help out? >> i think so. last year we were not expecting
8:53 am
the kind of turnout that we had and we had over 300 families here and expecting the same amount this year. i definitely think the service made a difference. >> reporter: so i'll check in with our volunteers here. who can tell me why we're here today. don't all jump at once? who can tell me something about martin luther king, jr.? tell me your name. >> i'm john yorkin. he worked hard for social equality and people's understanding of others. >> reporter: and why did you not just take today off? >> because martin luther king never took a day off, i guess. >> reporter: i guess that's a pretty good answer. anybody else want to tell me something special about today? why they are giving of their time. here is a hand. tell me your name. >> my name is jordan washington. today was martin luther king's
8:54 am
birthday and we're here to thank him for all of the things he did for us. >> reporter: and he did a lot. and what are you making there? >> a bag to put lunch into. >> reporter: and she's even decorated the bag that says have a yummy lunch. and if that doesn't inspire you at home to do good, i don't know what will. is our website. we have a link to the mlk day of service website and i bet they would love for you to come out and have a day on yourself. and we'll continue our time here and see what happens in the next hour. back to you. >> we continue to celebrate the legacy in the next hour as well. >> something that is personal to me. two of my cousins, like a second mother and sister who were there for the walk of the i have a dream speech and
8:55 am
they're here with us. and also tucker latest forecast. ice coming in in the next 24 hours so we'll talk about what is impacting us tomorrow morning at this time. the time is 7:55. we'll be right back.
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we want to give a special good morning to the facebook fan of the day. and this morning it's jasmine ortiz. good morning, jasmine. she said nobody wants to be fan of the day more than her. so you get your wish. we're glad you're with us this morning and every day. to be tomorrow's facebook fan of the day, find us on facebook by searching for fox 5 morning news and then post a comment under jasmine's photo. that will do it for this hour of fox 5 morning news. one more hour to go so we'll turn things over to tony and allison with a busy 9:00 a.m. hour. allison? >> here is a look at stories
8:59 am
we're working on the next hour. honoring dr. martin luther king. events are scheduled today to celebrate the life of the civil rights leader and we are looking back on the march on washington through special eyes this morning. plus most of you snuggle up with your furry friend at night but could you get more than your hoping for. we'll have the results on a study of sleeping with your pets. and how are you with selling? we're going to put it to the test. because we have a few spelling champions in studio this hour and your child can be a part of the big spelling bee happening in montgomery county next month. we'll have the organization on to tell you all about it sponsoring that. plus we'll tell you how you, the weather guys, and julie will be put to test with some words, julie is coming in with that. >> i look forward to it. >> the julie or e


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